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Helping YFC reach the youth of the Wabash Valley


The Wabash Valley team at Youth For Christ is here, in your community, helping build relationships between the children in our community and Christ through responsible teaching and scripture. It's not easy though.

Over 80% of the youth in the Wabash Valley are not involved in any church in any capacity.

That means that 1 in 5 children in our community will never darken the door of a church and will never hear the love that Jesus Christ has to offer. These are the same children that will end up going out into our community as adults and become the next leaders of our community, but they'll never know the love of Christ in the process.

The Story in Clay County

Over a month ago, one of the students who came to Sarah's YFC Club in the Brazil area went missing. It stuck out to Sarah because this girl is someone who was CONSTANTLY on social media and very needy emotionally. She comes from a very rough environment. She lived with her grandfather who didn't keep track of the children in his care. The sister of Sarah's student is 14 years old with a child already and the elementary-aged brother is free to avoid school if he wishes. No real parental involvement. In addition, there is suspected drug activity at the house. Sarah's club student one day stopped showing up, texting, using social media. No one had seen her for quite a while, around 8-10 days. Sarah called the family, talked to friends, and called the student herself. Nothing. Finally, Sarah contacted the police, and because of her help was able to find the student in another state and get child protection involved to get this girl home, this time with a more responsible family member.

The Story in Vigo County

A couple of weeks after school started we received a call from a principal informing us that a student has gone homeless. She lived with her bio mom and a stepfather. They didn't get along so she left and moved in with her bio dad who lived in a tent in a grove of trees west of northside Menards. The principal wanted to know if the was something the faith community could do to help them. After a lot of appeals to the area churches, I was able to raise a little over $6,000. They are in an apartment on S. 7th St. at least for the winter. The dad is working with The Bridge Church (who is stewarding the money that was donated) to get the dad back on his feet. We still have a long way to go.

We are here to ask that you help us reach these kids, and in doing so help us influence the next generation of leaders through the love of the gospel.

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How you can help

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