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Posted on by Mark Lindberg

In the recent past, I conducted an evaluation or survey of the youth of Clay and Vigo Counties. 

Remember doing this as a kid? This isn't a common sight anymore, and that's a problem.My goal was to take into account the spiritual climate of the youth ages 11 – 18, or Middle School and High School aged.  There are approximately 9550 kids in Clay and Vigo County within this age range.  7250 in Vigo and 2300 in Clay (these numbers are an approximation taking into account parochial, private, and homeschooled kids in this age range).

Next, I looked at the various churches in the two counties.  As you may be aware, the number of churches is difficult to determine but I estimate approximately 70 churches in Clay County (with a county population of over 26,000 as of 2019) and 150 churches in Vigo County (with a county population over 107,000 as of 2019).  Now while some of these churches may have Middle School or High School students who attend their services, they by far are not a large percentage of the 9550 kids in this age group.  By my estimates approximately 85% (or more) of 11-18 year students never darken the door of a church.  What does this mean?  It means that this next generation is growing up with little to no knowledge of God. 

This is huge!!  There are so many issues that are at stake as a result.



Our commitment at Wabash Valley Youth for Christ is to share the Salvation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the youth in the community.  To do this we are also committed to stay faithful to solid biblical teaching, collaborate with area churches, to cover the youth in prayer, and seeking to move unchurched youth into nurturing church environments for discipline and training.  We have a short window of time with these youth.  So many of them “age out” and move onto to another area in their lives before they are reached with the Gospel.

It is imperative that Youth for Christ (YFC) and the faith community at large, make reaching the Middle Schoolers and the High Schoolers a priority for the Kingdom of God.  We will seek to update you as you follow us through social media so that you might become involved with how to pray for our kids and perhaps even become personally active in reaching into their lives.  Several times a month we will post information about what is happening in the Wabash Valley with the youth.  We will also highlight input from various youth workers in our community and other professionals who are involved in working with Youth Culture in order to give a clear picture of what God is doing.  Stay tuned …..

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