Reflecting Back

Posted on by Shannon Belzile

It's been a good 15 years since I was first introduced to Youth for Christ through Campus Life at my high school. We met during our club time in school and also on Monday nights outside of school. It was a great outlet for me as my church hadn't yet started a youth group. Through Youth for Christ, a group of us students started a prayer meeting every morning before school. We also started a weekly Bible Study. My time in YFC helped me grow into the Christian that I am today.

Youth for Christ has evolved with the changing generations. It reaches kids in new ways with each small change it makes. Nowadays you can find YFC Wabash Valley on campus typically in the morning at area high school and middle schools sharing donuts and Jesus with the students. The students have called this time, "Donut Club." 

YFC Wabash Valley reaches every middle school and high school in Vigo County as well as Northview and North Clay in Clay County! That is such an amazing thing! 

It's incredible to look back on my years in high school and see the growth and expansion YFC has had since then. It encourages me to see the lives that have been touched or inspired by just a donut and a friendly face. 

As students are in the middle of ISTEP testing or starting to stress about the end of the year of school; I want to leave you with some scriptural encouragement. 

As an innate worrier, this verse helps calm me down when I start to think of all the things that are going on. I hope it reaches you as well.

In Christ,


Shannon B.

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